Alisha Gordon

Alisha started at Real to Reel in 2008, when she relocated to LA from the East Coast after graduating with a degree in Film and TV Production. Starting as a Site Rep while working freelance, she also gained a variety of experience on-set in various positions on feature films.

After a year and a half with Real to Real, Alisha was brought in to the Office full-time as Production Coordinator. She blossomed into her duties, organizing and mediating shoots between properties and production, as well as managing the team of Site Reps.

Being promoted again, Alisha now leads the Booking Department in sales, handling multiple extensive contracts & negotiations at a time, while managing all of the details of shoots between properties and production across a busy Production schedule. She also has creatively forged the way with longer-term and more complicated bookings, never backing down from a challenge.

In her free time Alisha enjoys travelling to new places, being outdoors, spending time at home with her rescue dogs, binging on good shows over the weekend, and any other random adventure under the sun.