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Introducing: Virtual Scouts & Live Virtual Tours!



ANNOUNCING THE ROLL OUT OF RTR’s NEW VIRTUAL SCOUTING AND LIVE VIRTUAL TOURS: With these new features, Production teams can now scout select RTR listings from the comfort and safety of their remote location utilizing the latest in 360˚ photography technology. Productions will now have the ability to virtually scout a property by intimately touring the entire location on their own, or for an expanded experience, they can schedule a Live RTR Virtual Tour! All RTR virtual tours include video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities so that multiple production members can virtually “attend” the location scout. Each RTR Live Virtual Scout is individually curated by a knowledgeable RTR representative who will be available to answer all of production’s questions in real-time from within the virtual tour interface. Tours can be viewed from either a computer or mobile device, and are also compatible with virtual headsets for the ultimate immersive experience.

The advantage of these new features is that the production team, no matter where they are when it’s time to do the scout, can virtually attend the scout and collaborate with each other during the tour to discuss things like location layout, reverse angles, which rooms lead where, the availability and locations of specialized areas like extra’s holding, video village, cable runs, catering, and even parking, without the need for everyone to physically come together and spend their valuable time piling into a van fighting traffic driving to the location, walking around the location, then piling into the van again and fighting traffic driving back to the office, which saves time for the team to spend more of their valuable time focusing their attention on the other things they need to do in preparation for the shoot. Plus, no more fear of missing your next meeting because you got “stuck in traffic” on the location scout.

We can also incorporate floorplans into the tours. This will allow the team to pull up the floorplan, click a hotspot on it, and go right to that location in the building, which may not be so great for those who look forward to getting their exercise by walking around a location, but it’s a great timesaver for our larger locations and could cut scouting time in half. How many times have you had to delay or reschedule your location scout because one of the keys couldn’t free up their schedule enough to get there or they weren’t in town when everyone else was available? When that happens then either a second scout had to be set up just for them, or they had to rely on just the location photos, or they had to figure everything out on the day of, sight unseen. Not anymore, now they may be able to break away just for the virtual scout itself because it doesn’t take as long, or they could be virtually walked through the property at a later time by either an RTR representative or someone else on the team, which avoids the risk of something falling through the cracks and slowing down or messing up the shoot day.

All these new features save time and how does that saying go, “time is money” or something like that? We’ll be rolling out more virtual tours in the weeks ahead but in the meantime, if you’re interested in a property we haven’t shot yet or even a non-RTR property, give us around 24 to 72 hours and we might be able to turn something out for you depending on our schedule. For any Location Scouts or Managers who would like to see a full demonstration, we’d love to show you how to impress your next client so call us anytime and we’d be happy to go over everything with you.



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