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Property Owner Testimonials

"The House Research Institute is a busy non-profit hearing health research, education and clinical care facility in downtown L.A. After completion of our new-state-of-the-art research wing, we were a bit hesitant to open our doors to the possibility of hosting film and TV productions at our location when first approached by Real to Reel. However, with their help and hard work, not only were we able to satisfy the concerns of our many stakeholders, but we have also been able to enjoy painless, turn-key operations for welcoming film business to our facilities. We now host a variety of productions, thanks to Real to Reel’s relationships and reputation in the film industry. Our site has been used as a backdrop for many projects, including a blockbuster feature film, and TV series such as the 'Defenders' and 'Three Rivers.'"

Marilee J. Potthoff
Director of Community Education and Outreach
House Research Institute

"The JACCC signed up with another location agent to market our beautiful campus in Downtown Los Angeles. Our property consists of an office building, open plaza and an 880 seat theatre. We got nothing. We immediately started to receive inquiries when we switched to Real to Reel. We recently completed a 13 shoot segment with "The Glee Project" which brought in nice income over a three month period. The Real to Reel staff is hard working, client oriented and a pleasure to work with. We've had dozens and dozens of location scouts come to our campus since signing with Real to Reel. They definitely put the JACCC on the map with the local television and film industry."

Walter Morita
Director of Operations
Japanese Cultural & Community Center

"For seven consecutive years, Real to Reel was instrumental in retaining the former North Hollywood Medical Center site as 'home' to the production of the hit TV series 'Scrubs.' This included the location hosting the show's production offices and mill space, and most importantly its hospital set. During that time, RTR was also responsible for all filming oversight, and provided valuable direction to us during several key negotiations with the production company over the terms of the on-going filming. Real to Reel was also successful in maximizing the revenue stream for us during the yearly production hiatus of the ‘Scrubs’ production, by diligently bringing in other productions so that revenue was continuous."

Liz Goldman
Executive Vice President, PCS Development

"With the expertise of the professionals at Real to Reel, King's University recently completed the second year of a multi-year agreement for the TNT TV show 'Hawthorne,' starring Jada Pinket Smith. The series used our closed hospital for its main hospital site, as well as for other sets and production offices. As the only accredited Pentecostal/Charismatic University in L.A., The King's had originally acquired the facilities to use as a primary campus for the school. Hosting film productions was not in our plans, nor in our area of expertise. Nevertheless, we have been pleased to make productive use of the facility to generate new revenue. Real to Reel handles nearly all aspects of the various filming activities that occur there, from managing the TV show 'Hawthorne' for approximately 7 months out of the year, to bringing in other short-term bookings while 'Hawthorne' is on a 5 month hiatus. This former Northridge Medical Canter probably ranks as one of the busiest closed hospital locations in the L.A. area, thanks to the professionalism and diligence of RTR."

Dr. Michael Gregg
Dean of Students and Facilities Director
King's University
(current owners of former Northridge Medical Center - Sherman Way Campus)

"Our client is the most recent of a series of owners who have worked closely with Real to Reel to actively manage the filming program at the former St. Luke's Hospital site. As a result of that continuity, and Real to Reel's entertainment industry connections and professional expertise, the facility remains a popular location of filmmakers working on a diverse range of projects."

James Selonick
Managing Director
Arcturus Group

"Over the years, Real to Reel has worked tirelessly with us to create an ongoing popular film program inside a working hospital. We accomplish this in concert with Real to Reel, through thorough communications between departments, sensitivity to the concerns of the various productions, and negotiating the needs of both the hospital and the filming community, all in a professional manner. Ours is probably one of the busiest, most film friendly working hospitals in L.A., and Real to Reel helped us to achieve this status. We have certainly proved that a great filming experience can occur in a working hospital for over 10 years!"

Jody Spector
St. Vincent Medical Center
Director, Patient Relations/Guest Services

"With our unique and iconic facility, we are constantly working on hosting special events here. But filming movies and TV shows is an entirely different universe from producing special events. Real to Reel has represented the Hollywood & Highland complex for a little over 4 years now, and not only do they constantly market our facility and all of its behind the scenes features directly to the film industry, but they also provide a great deal of related expertise. This includes their extensive knowledge about on-location filming, and experience in negotiating with various production companies. They also provide the manpower to thoroughly detail advance planning, manning the 'day-of' coordination, and facilitating the post shoot wrap out and accounting. These Real to Reel activities allow our in-house personnel to stay focused on their primary duties."

Annette Bethers
VP, Marketing & Strategic Alliances
The Hollywood & Highland Retail Center – Hollywood, CA

Location Manager Testimonials

"I started working as a location manager shortly after Real to Reel opened it's doors.  They were one of the first location services I used and still use after all these years. They have always been professional, trustworthy, reasonable and represent a wide variety of properties.  I always know they will do what they can to insure I will get the best service and be treated fairly by their staff and clients. They continue to be supportive of location professionals, the industry and the Location Managers Guild of America."

Tony Salome, Location Manager, "NCIS: Los Angeles," and First Vice President of the Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA)

"The fact that Real to Reel has served the entertainment industry for nearly 30 years shows that Gary Onyshko and his staff are devoted to giving good service, keeping up locations, and providing a value. When we were filming ‘Private Practice’ at Valley Presbyterian Hospital during our fourth season, we wanted access to busy areas within the hospital. Real to Reel came up with a solution that made the hospital happy—they brokered a workable structure so that the hospital could stay open and we could shoot where we wished."

Brian Haynes, Location Manager, "Private Practice"

"The folks at Real to Reel are very professional. I’ve worked with Bob and Michele for years…they always go above and beyond the call of duty. For more than 20 years, I’ve always had a good relationship with them, working on a number of features as well as on my latest project, 'CSI New York'."

Tim Hillman, Location Manager, "CSI NY"

"During the course of the past 20 years, I’ve always relied on Real to Reel. As our industry has matured, we launched the Location Managers Guild in 2003, and Real to Reel was one of our first major supporters. They play a critical role in our industry, and I’m thrilled that they’re still here and thriving after almost 30 years."

Lori Balton, Location Manager for Feature Films, & President and Founding Member of the Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA)

"I have recommended Real to Reel to a number of property owners looking for representation, who want a solid company to help them through the filming process."

Keith Nakata, Commercial Location Manager

"The Real to Reel team is always ready and able to make it work -- They are very professional. I’ve turned to them dozens of times for work on major product commercials, as well as for a number of feature films. Their properties quite often fit the bill perfectly for the various projects on which I’ve served as a Location Scout."

Scott Bigbee, Location Scout for Feature Films and TV Commercials

"Real to Reel has always been one of my ‘Go To’ companies when I am scouting. Other location companies have come and gone over the years, but R to R has been around for forever and knows their stuff. They are very helpful when trying to come up with ideas for locations. They know our needs, and they have always been accommodating when last minute scouts come up."

Peter Gluck, Location Manager for Feature Films, including the recent "Water For Elephants"

"I have worked with Bob, Michelle and Gary for what seems like forever.  They are always one of my ‘Go To’ agencies when starting a new picture.  They are helpful, knowledgeable, and fair.  I highly recommend Real to Reel….simply put, I really like ‘em."

Doug Dresser – Location Manager for Feature Films, including recent "Friends with Benefits"

"I love working with Real to Reel...They have a great attitude, and they always come through!"

Tom Lackey, Location Scout