Please take a moment to read the facts listed below to determine if you are interested in making your property available for use as a "location" for stills, filming of television shows, movies, commercials, or motion pictures through Real to Reel, the complete location agency.

* "Location Fees" range from approximately $500 to $5,000 and up, per day.

* You dictate which rooms, furniture or areas, etc. can or cannot be used.

* You have the option of refusing a job that will conflict with personal plans.

Real to Reel will expose your property to filmmakers - first by showing them photographs of your property, then by making an appointment for them to view your property firsthand. Because of our methods, you never have to let unqualified strangers onto your property or into your home. Real to Reel verifies the credentials of each client.

Real to Reel handles the legal paperwork involved with filming. We handle location releases, insurance, invoicing, overtime, and follow through if there are any damages or cleanup involved.

We digitize our properties and list them on the internet at for easy viewing. We weigh potential jobs against one another, in order for you to get the best available, and this enables us to best schedule appointments, shoots, and so on.

How to get listed:

To list your property with Real to Reel, e-mail us at

Include your name, address, telephone number and a brief description of your property. If available, attach photos of your property. A Real to Reel representative will evaluate your property and get back to you.

Or, call us directly at (818)785-7075  (Commercial property Owners please ask for Gary Onyshko)