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Founded in 1982, Real to Reel is the largest, most complete location agency in the world representing private properties throughout the Los Angeles area to the entertainment industry. Real to Reel is licensed as a real estate brokerage corporation by the California Department of Real Estate. The staff is composed of experienced real estate professionals and location filming experts. Real to Reel's photographic library offers industrial, commercial, and residential properties including estates, offices, warehouses, restaurants and the like, to every production company.

Nearly every movie, commercial, and television series filming or planning to film in the greater Los Angeles area makes contact with Real to Reel at some point in the production process for one or more of their location requirements. Real to Reel also works extensively with music videos, documentaries, infomercials and still photography shoots.

  • "Real to Reel is the largest location service in Los Angeles," Southern California Home and Garden Magazine.
  • "Real to Reel is the top dog in location services,"USA Today.
  • "...Real to Reel, a $2.5 million (revenues) Los Angeles-based outfit that matches producers with locations,"Forbes.
  • "Real to Reelmatches up homeowners with production companies. They'll negotiate your fee, get you insurance and watch out for your valuables during filming," KCal TV.
  • "...thousands list their homes with referral services like Real to Reel," Entertainment Tonight.

Due to their reputation and marketing efforts, Real to Reel is able to attract a wide variety of potential clients into their exclusive library including location managers, location scouts, art directors, producers, directors and studio executives. Real to Reel also stays in close contact with government agencies involved with filming in order to stay abreast of permit, fire and safety requirements, as well as the new decisions and laws that effect filming on private properties. This way, Real to Reel can provide the best possible service to their clients.

All major film studios and production companies regularly rely on Real to Reel Locations to fill their location needs including companies such as Sony, Universal, Warner Bros., Paramount, Disney, ABC, Fox, Anonymous Content, Lionsgate, HBO, Radical Media and many more.

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